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Plane Passengers Throw Impromptu Baby Shower For Couple Returning Home With First Child

February 13, 2020 / 8,088 views

After 9 years of trying for a baby, Dustin and Caren Moore were on a flight home with their adopted baby girl -- and their flight home could not have been more wonderful.

30,000 Pounds Of Leftover Super Bowl Food Donated To Shelters

February 13, 2020 / 4,282 views

Around 30,000 pounds of leftover food from the Superbowl did not go waste.

Freshman Saves His Friend From Choking With The Heimlich

February 12, 2020 / 4,972 views

Ian Brown saw his classmate choking during lunch and saved his life.

Idaho Firefighters Spent Their Day Shoveling Snow For Strangers

February 10, 2020 / 5,231 views

A surveillance camera on an Idaho Falls home captured firefighters performing acts of kindness after a snow storm.

4 Children Lost In Alaska During A Blizzard Were Found Alive Huddling Around The 2-Year-Old

February 08, 2020 / 48,425 views

Four boys who went missing for more than 24 hours during a blizzard in Alaska were found alive and are 'doing fine'.

Wombats Are Digging Waterholes And Saving Other Animals During Australia's Drought

February 07, 2020 / 9,910 views

Wombats in New South Wales are being hailed as heroes for burrowing down to underground soaks and supplying water to many animals hit hard by drought.

Finland To Offer New Fathers The Same Paid Leave As Mothers

February 06, 2020 / 4,955 views

Finland's government has announced that new fathers will be given the same amount of paid time off work as new mothers, nearly doubling paternity leave.

Chiefs Player Celebrates Super Bowl Win By Paying All Adoption Fees At Local Shelter

February 04, 2020 / 7,780 views

Derrick Nnadi of the Kansas City Chiefs is is helping homeless dogs find new homes in the wake of his Super Bowl win.

Woman With Only 12 Followers Shares Final Chemo Tweet, Becomes Twitter Star Overnight

February 03, 2020 / 7,910 views

A mother of two from the UK recently posted a video from her final chemo session to Twitter and said 'I don't tweet often, I only have 12 followers, but today was my final chemo session and I want to tell everyone (well 12 people at least!)'

The FDA Has Approved The First Peanut Allergy Drug

February 03, 2020 / 6,649 views

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug to treat potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to peanuts.

One Man Is Hosting 15 Super Bowl Parties For The Homeless

February 02, 2020 / 6,008 views

Three years ago, Meir Kalmanson threw a Super Bowl watch party for the homeless. This year, he's hosting 15 parties across the US.

Baby Diagnosed With Inoperable Brain Cancer Is Now Cancer-Free

February 01, 2020 / 7,636 views

Baby Lily drew a crowd of caregivers as she rang the end-of-treatment bell after 5 months of chemo for a tumor on her brain stem.

Woman Is Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Seeing Her On A Beer Can

January 31, 2020 / 10,487 views

A woman in Minnesota has been reunited with her lost dog after she saw a photo of the pup on a beer can.

Teacher Is Moved To Tears By Students Pooling Money To Replace His Stolen Shoes

January 31, 2020 / 8,682 views

Two weeks ago, Logan Fontenelle Middle School teacher Trey Payne's basketball shoes were stolen from his classroom.

Minnesota Will Pay Homeowners To Replace Lawns With Bee-Friendly Wildflowers And Clover

January 30, 2020 / 9,552 views

Minnesota homeowners can benefit financially if they start letting their grass go to the bees.

Seth MacFarlane Donates $1M To Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

January 29, 2020 / 7,844 views

Seth MacFarlane has donated one million dollars to the Irwin family's Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to help with the facility's relief and treatment efforts.

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