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This Animal Shelter Was Running Out Of Food. Now, They're 'Overwhelmed' With Donations

August 12, 2018 / 14,104 views

On July 24, the Hendricks County Animal Shelter in Danville, Indiana posted a request for donations of cat food. No one responded. But after their second plea was shared by news website Indy Star, the donations have been pouring in from all over the count

No One Showed Up To A 4-Year-Old's Birthday, So Chuck E. Cheese Employees Threw Him Another Party

August 11, 2018 / 18,432 views

Angel Kazanis invited 30 children to her son's fourth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and not one of them showed up.

Supermarket Employee Who Let Autistic Customer Stock Shelves Gets $125,000 For College

August 10, 2018 / 17,448 views

The supermarket employee who invited a young man with autism to help him stock groceries has been gifted $125,000 for college tuition.

A 7-Second Reminder To Never Give Up, Courtesy Of 2-Year-Old Roman Dinkel

August 09, 2018 / 26,906 views

A 7-second clip of a 2-year-old boy in Loathe, Kansas has inspired millions of people to never give up. Roman Dinkel continues to defy the odds.

Barber Prepares Kids For First Day Of School With Free Haircuts And School Supplies

August 08, 2018 / 17,672 views

An Alabama barber gave free haircuts and backpacks to kids in his community to ensure they look their best on the first day of school.

She Thought He Was Down On His Luck And Paid For His Food -- It Was Keith Urban

August 07, 2018 / 15,797 views

Ruth Reed helped a stranger who was short on cash only to learn it was country music star Keith Urban.

Hero Cop Jumps Off Overpass To Save Boy's Life

August 07, 2018 / 22,130 views

A New York police officer risked her life to rescue a boy she watched jump off a highway overpass. Officer Jessie Ferreira Cavallo said she was on her way to work Friday afternoon when she saw a boy running along the Saw Mill River Parkway in Yonkers, NY.

Couple Is Evacuated During Wildfire, Returns Home And Finds Note From Firefighter

August 07, 2018 / 17,913 views

Susan and Jeff Grant are hoping to track down a firefighter who took care of their home while they were evacuated during the Carr Fire.

Dog, Believed Killed By Neighbor, Turns Up One Year Later 70 Miles From Home

August 06, 2018 / 16,556 views

A family in Greenwood, South Carolina thought their beloved pit bull was gone forever, until they got a call from a woman nearly 70 miles away in Greenville, a year after they thought their dog was dead.

Walmart Cashier Does Woman's Nails After She Was Denied Service At The Salon

August 05, 2018 / 52,969 views

When a Walmart cashier in Burton, Michigan saw a customer get turned away from the store's nail salon, she took matters into her own hands.

Ludacris Brings Shopper To Tears With Act Of Kindness

August 04, 2018 / 9,727 views

A woman in a Whole Foods in Atlanta received an act of kindness from a shopper she didn't know. That shopper turned out to be rapper and actor Ludacris.

Bus Driver Notices Elderly Man In Distress, Sits Him In The AC And Gives Him Water

August 03, 2018 / 31,570 views

A bus driver is being praised for his act of kindness toward an elderly man who was showing signs of dehydration on a sweltering hot day in Nevada.

Grocery Store Employee Lets Young Man With Autism Help Him Stock Shelves

August 02, 2018 / 15,368 views

A grocery store employee in Louisiana is being praised for allowing a young customer with autism help him stock the store shelves.

Alabama Plumbers Work Together To Rescue A Puppy Trapped In A 50-Foot Hole

August 01, 2018 / 18,461 views

A group of plumbers in Alabama went above and beyond to rescue a dog trapped in a 50-foot hole for over 30 hours.

Police Officer Saves Baby Deer From California Wildfires

August 01, 2018 / 6,371 views

A California highway patrolman saved a baby deer from the Carr fires in Redding on Saturday, and was rewarded with a kiss.

Singer Andy Grammer Pays Bill For Elderly Ladies, Then Realizes How Connected We All Are

July 31, 2018 / 12,941 views

Singer Andy Grammer recently paid the tab for a group of elderly ladies at a restaurant in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Initially, he planned to leave before they knew their meal was paid, but he felt an urge to walk over and say something before he left

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