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This Wendy's Manager Is Making A Difference, One 'I Love You' At A Time

January 10, 2021 / 4,113 views

DiDonna, an assistant store manager at Wendy's in Oak Harbor, Washington, tells her customers in the drive-thru that she loves them. If they say it back, she puts a tally on the wall.

College Student Starts Free Online Tutoring Service For Kids In Low-Income Families

January 09, 2021 / 4,172 views

A sophomore at the University of Michigan is offering free virtual tutoring to help kids in low income families with their school work.

The US Is Building A Bike Trail That Runs Coast-To-Coast Across 12 States

January 08, 2021 / 8,362 views

Stretching 3,700 miles from Washington DC to the Pacific Ocean, a new bike trail is aiming to be 'America's Main Street'.

Trader Joe's Employee Goes Above And Beyond For Customer

January 07, 2021 / 4,267 views

A Trader Joe's grocery store employee in Maryland went above and beyond for an out-of-state customer who wanted to send his parents flowers.

Man Hospitalized For 2 Months Says Wife's Voice Helped Him Out Of Coma

January 07, 2021 / 4,058 views

A man in South Carolina believes it was his wife's voice that helped him through a coma.

Woman Saves Family From Fire, And It Was All Caught On The Family's Ring Camera

January 05, 2021 / 7,804 views

A woman in Avondale, Arizona is being hailed as a hero after rescuing the family next door from a house fire.

Farmer Turned Astronaut Teaches Kids Not To Give Up

January 05, 2021 / 5,389 views

Jose Hernandez made his dream of becoming an astronaut a reality and he did so against incredible odds.

'You Can't Save Her': Hero Surfer Sprints Into Ocean And Rescues Woman

January 04, 2021 / 8,450 views

A professional surfer is being hailed as a hero for sprinting into the ocean to save a woman who was being dragged out by waves in Hawaii.

Browns Fans Help Man Battling Cancer In Hospice Attend One Last Game

January 04, 2021 / 4,211 views

Cleveland Browns fans rallied and raised enough money to send a life-long fan to see his team play one last time.

Instead Of Charging Two Women With Shoplifting, This Police Officer Paid For Their Groceries

January 03, 2021 / 23,180 views

A police officer in Somerset, Mass., purchased a Christmas dinner for a family in need after responding to a shoplifting incident.

Doctor Forgives $650,000 Worth Of Medical Debt For His Cancer Patients

January 02, 2021 / 5,546 views

An oncologist in Arkansas is forgiving the medical debt for nearly 200 of his patients with cancer.

Woman's Act Of Kindness Saves Families From Eviction

December 31, 2020 / 6,444 views

An act of kindness by a woman in Tucson, AZ., has created a ripple effect for families struggling to pay rent.

California Teen Starts Nonprofit To Make Science Fun For Kids

December 30, 2020 / 5,640 views

A high school senior in California has started a nonprofit that designs science kits geared toward elementary school students.

Amsterdam Neighborhood Surprises Overworked Postman With €4,000 Gift

December 29, 2020 / 4,835 views

A hardworking postman in Amsterdam received an unexpected Christmas gift from his community: €4,197.

Arkansas Woman Surprises Shoppers, Spends Nearly $30,000 On Their Groceries

December 28, 2020 / 5,118 views

A woman in Arkansas surprised local families by paying for over $28,000 worth of groceries at two Kroger locations.

Homeless Man Rescues ALL Animals At Shelter After It Caught On Fire

December 28, 2020 / 6,360 views

A homeless man in Atlanta is being hailed as a hero for risking his life to rescue more than a dozen animals from a shelter that had caught fire.

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