Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming In Louisiana Lake

September 15, 2016

A pink bottlenose dolphin was recently spotted in Louisiana's Lake Calcasieu. Although it's a lake, Calcasieu connects to the Gulf of Mexico and actually consists of brackish water which has more salinity than fresh water, so it's comfortable for a dolphin.

rare pink dolphin

The albino dolphin is believed to be "Pinkie", who was first spotted in 2007 by charter boat captain Erik Rue.

pink dolphin

Since she was first spotted, Pinkie has become something of a local celebrity, with people going out on boat tours of the lake just to catch a glimpse of her.

According to Rue, she’s friendly and curious, and sometimes gets within as little as five feet of his boat to check out the people checking her out.

pink dolphin louisiana

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