This Kid Makes Homemade Dinosaur Videos Every Day. When The Internet Found Out, They Did Something Incredible

October 24, 2015

In May, a soon-to-be YouTube star published his first video and launched "the prehistoric channel" on YouTube. Over the course of the next four months, the channel would house 54 homemade, dinosaur-themed videos.

YouTube Screenshot

Before Reddit user Jouletheif introduced one of his videos to Reddit via a post in the Video community titled, "Kid with 22 subscribers makes epic dinosaur videos EVERY DAY for the last 4 months", his only subscribers were most likely close friends and family members.

Thanks to an outpouring of internet love from the Reddit community and social media, the channel has gained more than 69,000 subscribers in under 24 hours.

This is the video that was shared on Reddit:

The youngster's response to the sudden fame in a video he uploaded yesterday titled, "mega update video", is going to make your day.

Visit "the prehistoric channel" to subscribe!

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