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Construction Workers Can't Stop Laughing At This '5 Kids' Riddle

November 09, 2017 / 561 views

Larry's father has five kids. Their names are ten, twenty, thirty and forty. What is the other's name?

Someone Made An Animal Version Of 'Chop Suey' And I Think I've Seen Everything Now

November 09, 2017 / 325 views

Dear Internet, never change.

Chris Pratt Makes Interpreter's Day Very Difficult At 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Press Conference

November 09, 2017 / 418 views

Chris Pratt decided to have some fun with the interpreter during a press conference in Japan to promote his new film Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The Plural Of 'Octopus' Is Finally Clarified!

November 09, 2017 / 333 views

Let's say your swimming in the ocean and you see an octopus with a bunch of his octopus friends. Do you call them octopuses or octopi?

Dana Carvey Imagines John Lennon Asking Paul McCartney About Kanye West

November 08, 2017 / 318 views

Dana Carvey imagines how a conversation would go between John Lennon (from Heaven) and Paul McCartney about Kanye West.

Grandma Gets Trapped Behind The Washing Machine And Dryer In Hilarious Video

November 07, 2017 / 1,081 views

This video just gets funnier and funnier each time you watch it. Grandma gets trapped behind the washing machine.

One Of The Funniest Bits On 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' And Everything Goes Wrong

November 07, 2017 / 375 views

Drew Carey can't stop laughing and messing up during this hilarious game on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

News Anchor Doesn't Know She's Live, Makes Incredible Recovery After Funny Comment

November 06, 2017 / 297 views

'I so pale.' I am so impressed with her recovery.

Watch This Cat's Reaction When He Smells A Stray Cat On His Owner

November 06, 2017 / 1,227 views

He went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Baby With Hilarious Laugh Completely Loses It As Dad Counts Money

November 05, 2017 / 894 views

This baby's laugh made my day.

Reporter Accidentally Talks Into A Mushroom Instead Of The Microphone

November 04, 2017 / 263 views

I can't stop laughing.

Cockatoo Learns To Meow And The Cats Are Baffled

November 03, 2017 / 400 views

Cockatoo meows like a cat.

Robert Downey Jr Lives In A Windmill With His Cats, Gives A Funny Cribs-Style Tour

November 03, 2017 / 628 views

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan turned a windmill into a stylish and charming Hamptons home.

Kristen Bell And Dave Grohl Perform A Frozen-Metallica Mashup On Jimmy Kimmel Live

November 01, 2017 / 168 views

Kristen Bell sings 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman' And 'Enter Sandman' with Dave Grohl on drums.

Aziz Ansari Is PISSED About Winning An Award, Gives Brutally Honest Acceptance Speech

November 01, 2017 / 336 views

This is some of the funniest stuff I've seen from Aziz. His brutal honesty about award shows has the entire audience laughing out loud.

Meteorologist Wins Halloween With This Headless Weather Forecast

November 01, 2017 / 392 views

This Halloween, UK's Met Office decided to deliver a spooky Halloween-themed forecast with a headless meteorologist.

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