Man Makes Inspiring Time-Lapse Video Showing 3 Month Body Transformation

April 17, 2018

Hunter Hobbs took one picture every day from January through April to document his incredible fitness transformation.

Hobbs, from Norman, Oklahoma, says the challenge was an experiment designed "to see what would happen if I actually took the gym and my diet (super) serious for three months."

Hobbs lost 42 pounds while also gaining muscle over the three months. The 24-year-old went to the gym five to six times a week and ate a "pretty boring diet" consisting of chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, oats and eggs.

"It took so much mental and physical dedication and I wanted to give up so many times throughout it," he told the Daily Mail. "Also having people all around me going to the bars or eating pizza, burgers and all that while I ate my chicken and salad was tough, but worth it 100 percent."

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