Guy On Disability Learns He Owns A Very Rare Blanket And It Changes His Life Forever

September 18, 2017

A disabled man struggling to get by watched Antiques Roadshow's most expensive item episode and realized he has same item -- and it changed his life forever.

After watching the show, L.T. took the old blanket he owned to get appraised and was told it was worth about $50,000. He was elated.

Then the appraisers sent some of the fibers off to an expert and that's when L.T. got even better news.

The Navajo blanket was worth $100,000 - $200,000!

L.T. was stunned. "I almost wanted to cry," he says in the video.

So L.T. decided to sell the blanket at an auction. You won't believe how much the blanket sells for.

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