An Injured Baby Elephant Is Saved By Wildlife Vets. How Her Family Protects Her Is Incredible

April 13, 2017

A distressed baby elephant was seen on the Matusadona Shoreline. The Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project (MAPP) obtained permission from the Zimbabwean Parks and Wildlife Authority to immobilize the animal and attend to its injuries.

This video demonstrates the incredible family bond that exists within elephants. Initially the elephants were loosely spread along the shoreline and there was no way of telling if they were all a family unit. This soon became apparent when the elephant was darted and incredibly the herd detected changes to the young elephants demeanor even before clinical signs became apparent to the observers. The mother was resolute, to the extent they she to had to be darted to afford MAPP the opportunity to attend to her calf. One can only imagine the distress and grief that an elephant herd suffers when one of their family is shot by poachers.

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