This Truck Driver Saw A Dehydrated Guará Wolf Dying In The Hot Sun And Saved Its Life

April 4, 2017

This video of a Brazilian truck driver rescuing a dehydrated wolf will help restore your faith in humanity.

This is a loose translation of what the man is saying:

"Hey guys, look at this. There are people out there by the river hunting for panthers, and they're mating, or crossing the stream; this is how you do it, we caught this guy out there by the field here in Mato Grosso close to Primavera do Leste... this poor wolf dying out in the hot sun. I stopped the truck and he ran under for some shade.

Then we lassoed him here and brought him out to the edge of the brush, right, you can see here how thirsty he is. A wild animal like this, all docile because he's weak. We don't have any food to give him, we don't know what he eats - I know it eats meat, but look how thirsty he is. This is how you do it, you all worthless, that killed those panthers; this is how you act around nature, you help it, instead of ruining it. "

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