'You're Doing A Good Job!': 3-Year-Old Cheers On Dad As He Tries To Style Her Hair

October 4, 2016

A Texas father is hoping this video of him and his daughter will encourage other dads to be the best dad they can be.

"My family encourages me to be be the best Dad that I can be and I never get to catch these memories on video," Derrick Culpepper wrote. "I have been a barber pretty much all my life and still find it difficult to style my daughter's hair.. My 3yr old daughter keeps me encouraged when I attempt to do her hair. She has been listening to her mother Lakisha Culpepper and I'm so thankful that she demonstrates godly encouragement for our kids to see and hear.. Parents our kids are listening... I decided to share this video because it got so much attention on my FB page and others are sharing.. Hope it inspires other dads."

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