Everyone In Warsaw Stops At The Same Time For 1 Full Minute. This Is Tremendously Moving

August 2, 2016

During World War II, as Soviet forces approached Nazi-occupied Warsaw, they encouraged the Poles to rise up and help them take back the city. When Polish nationalists and the underground began the battle, the Soviet army halted their advance on the edge of the city. They stayed there for 63 days, doing nothing, while the outnumbered and poorly-equipped Poles fought the Germans alone.

The Soviets knew that the people who were resisting the Germans would also resist the Soviets, once they occupied Poland, so they were happy to let the Germans wipe them out, which they did.

When it was over, most of the city had been destroyed. 16,000 members of the Polish resistance and 200,000 civilians had died. The Soviets then took the city and continued their advance.

This was known as the Warsaw Uprising, and every year on August 1, Warsaw commemorates this tragedy with a minute of stillness. It is tremendously moving, needless to say…

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