I Knew Honey Badgers Were Crazy, But This One Really Shocked Me With His Intelligence

April 19, 2014

This incredibly smart Honey Badger is able to keep escaping from captivity in ways you would only think a human was able to think of.

They didn't mention in the video, but the badger was bored one day so it decided to dig its way into the lions enclosure to go beat up on its neighbor. After 30 minutes of chasing this lion round its cage the lion, a bit taken aback decided to go for the badger. 30 minutes of the lion chasing the badger round resulted in the badger getting bitten by the lion. This would normally be game over for most, but not for the badger. He turned round in the lions mouth and bit him on the nose. The lion drops the badger and then gets chased for 30 minutes round his cage again until the rangers can get in there and separate the two.

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