Man Weeps For Finding A Song After 20 YEARS Of Searching. The Reason Why Is Beautiful

September 2, 2015

This man is from the Congo. One day, he and his mother went to a Chinese grocer there and heard a song playing over the PA system. The mother liked it so much she asked the owner about it and the owner gave her the tape. She would listen to the song a lot and her son came to associate it with her - but of course, since it was all in Chinese, they didn't know what it was called, who sang it, or anything about it.

Later, the mother and son emigrated to South Africa, and somewhere in the process, the tape was lost. Soon after, the mother died. The man was heartbroken that he had lost the song which always reminded him of his mother.

For more than 20 years he has worked as cab driver, and every time an Asian person entered his cab, he would hum the song to see if the person could tell him what it was - but no one ever knew. Finally, he had his first ever Taiwanese passengers. It turns out the song was Taiwanese, and they knew it immediately.

What you see in this video is him reacting after hearing the song again, and knowing he'll always have it, after 20 years of searching.

Link to Taiwanese song:

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