These Toddlers Communicating In The Car With Sign Language Are Absolutely Adorable

May 3, 2015

While waiting for their daddy at the car repair shop, Mom explained that Daddy's car broke down and needed to be fixed. (The oldest asked if it needed batteries, because that's what's wrong when their toys stop working!) I began filming when Daddy got in the car and the boys began to tell them about what they saw in the garage. And we were near an airport, which will help you understand context.

I must add that our boys had NO language just six months ago when we adopted them. They have flourished with ASL (American Sign Language) as their first language. The older boy on the left is deaf. The younger boy on the right is a little hard-of-hearing.

I pray this inspires parents with deaf kids to sign with them! Signing will not hinder their speech, but will vastly improve their ability to learn. Signing gives them a way to express themselves and gives you a way to truly know them.

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