Announcer Completely Butchers Everyone's Name During Graduation Ceremony

May 15, 2024

In a scene straight out of a Key and Peele skit, the graduation ceremony at Thomas Jefferson University took an unexpected comedic turn. As students proudly walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, the announcer's repeated mispronunciations of their names left the audience in stitches.

For about ten minutes, the announcer not only mispronounced but completely butchered the names, leaving attendees wondering if it was all part of a deliberate joke. Each time a name was announced, their name would appear moments later on the screen, highlighting the stark contrast and adding to the hilarity. The situation became so perplexing that the announcer was eventually replaced.

The school later issued an apology, explaining that the error was due to phonetic spellings on the speaker's cards, which unfortunately led to the comical mispronunciations. Despite the mix-up, the incident has since gone viral, with many finding humor in the announcer's earnest yet flawed attempts.

@j_mul1013 My daughters Thomas Jefferson University 2024 Graduation 😂. This announcer was fantastic !! #announcer #phoneticspelling #hillaourius @New Heights @Comedy Central @Barstool Philly ♬ original sound - STRiKE CoACH MUL🥊

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