Genius Or Madness? Woman Packs Lunches In A Binder

April 20, 2024

A woman's unconventional approach to packing lunches has sparked a lively debate on social media. In a recent viral video, Juliette showcased her unique method of preparing her boyfriend's lunch: using a binder as a lunch box.

"Let's normalize packing lunches in binders," she captioned her video.

In the video, Juliette neatly organizes sandwiches and snacks in the various compartments of a standard binder, complete with plastic sleeves to keep items separated and organized. It also keeps the sandwich from getting soggy and squished.

The internet, as always, had mixed reactions to this innovative lunch-packing hack.

"Hold on guys I left my lunch binder in the car," one commenter joked.

One common concern raised was about cleaning the plastic sleeves. Juliette addresses this by simply placing them in the dishwasher for easy and convenient cleaning.

What do you think?

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