A Rare Encounter With The Elusive Ghost Bird

February 17, 2024

Nature has a way of surprising us with its hidden wonders, and this woman's recent encounter with a Potoo, often referred to as the Ghost Bird, was a truly magical experience.

These nocturnal birds are masters of camouflage. Known for their remarkable ability to imitate tree bark and remain virtually invisible during daylight hours, Potoos are elusive creatures seldom spotted by human eyes.

"The first time I saw him I thought it was a stick, but he moved and I approached him," the woman said who filmed it in Magdalena, Colombia. "The bird opened eyes and mouth and scared me a lot, but being so strange I decided to take pictures and record videos."

And while it may look like an owl, it not belong to the same family. It feasts on large insects and small vertebrates.

They are said to be commonly found in South America.

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