When You Have A Camel And Forget To Lock The Kitchen Door

January 13, 2024

This doesn't seem to be the initial occurrence, and I suspect it won't be the final one either.

Albert the camel calls a family farm and animal sanctuary near Ojai, California, his home. Much like other animals, he consistently seeks out food.

Upon realizing that they had once again forgotten to close the kitchen door, the family found themselves chuckling at the sight of Albert causing chaos inside as he rummaged through the kitchen in his quest for food.

@ranchograndeojai Albert our camel gets into the kitchen again and reeks havoc in search of food. #ranchograndeojai #ranchogrande #farmlife #ranch #animals #dog #puppy #airbnb #baby #camel #wow ♬ Sneaky Friends - Eitan Epstein Music

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