Bald Eagle Rescued From Kentucky Backyard

May 25, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events that unfolded in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Kentucky, a majestic symbol of American pride, a bald eagle, found itself in an unexpected predicament.

The bird was discovered in a homeowner's backyard. It was in distress and unable to fly.

The video footage below shows Nikki Christian, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, throwing a comforter on the bird as it attempts to escape by heading for the wood line.


# baldeagle

♬ original sound - Nikki Christian

Initially, Christian thought it may have been hit by a car - although she did not see any bone injuries.

In another comment, posted days later, she mentions it may have Bird flu or West Nile virus.

She took the bird to her home and provided it with fluids and a shot of steroids.

@nikkis_haven #kentucky #wildlife #rescue #baldeagle #injured ♬ original sound - Nikki Christian

Now the bird is in the care of a wildlife rehabilitation and raptor center.

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