The Derpiest Dog In The World Loves Sweet Potatoes

April 28, 2023

A sweet potato for a sweet potato.

This goofy good boy was recently adopted.

We can't stop laughing at this video of him waiting for his favorite food.

"That is by far the derpiest dog face I've ever seen," one user commented.

"That dog needs a software update," another user wrote.

"That dog is a pile of dog traits doing its best to form a dog."

"Imagine living with this creature. It's like an alien in a dog body."

@petkingdomtiktok He is a stray dog I adopted a month ago😁😁#dog #dogsoftiktok #fyp #foryou #pet #puppy #lol #funny #funnyvideos #interesting #lmao #memes ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

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