People Are Saying This Baby Playing Piano Is An 'Old Soul' And The Next Mozart

April 22, 2023

Social media users have been blown away after watching videos of a 17-month-old baby from Russia playing the piano.

The baby's name is Gavriil Scherbenko and his parents launched an Instagram page to share his talent with the world.

"We felt that the music that is born from him is not just our domestic joy… that, probably, this is some kind of gift, and to us need to share it," the parents said.

"Thank you for the incredible amount of warm, kind comments and greetings from all over the world, our dear subscribers! It's like we all became a little related through this communication."

Many social media users are saying he's an "old soul".

"Oh, my! An old soul in such a young body!" one user commented.

"Another amazing old soul in a new body," another user wrote.

Will he be the next Mozart?

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