Stabilized Footage Of The Bigfoot Film From 1967

March 22, 2023

The Patterson–Gimlin film is an American short motion picture of an unidentified subject which the filmmakers have said was "Bigfoot".

The footage was shot in 1967 in Northern California, and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it.

Recently, artist Wayne Dowsent stabalized and remastered the footage. And once again, there's mixed reviews on whether it's real or fake.

"When it's stabilized and cleaned up, it looks even MORE fake," one person commented.

"The only way I can imagine that this might be faked would be for the person to be wearing a skin tight spandex body suit with fur lightly attached to it in that you could see the muscle movement underneath. That seems a little out of the scope and resources of two cowboy amateur filmmakers in a remote wilderness area," another person wrote.

"Wow, when its not potato quality and bouncing around, that looks remarkably like a dude walking through the woods in a gorilla suit," another said.

"Oddly, this footage looks more compelling once it's been remastered, rather than less compelling like you would expect if it was fake," a user commented.

What do you think?

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