Hugh Jackman Uses Nickleback's TikTok Account To Troll Ryan Reynolds

January 6, 2023

Hugh Jackman is begging people not to validate Ryan Reynolds' song in "Spirited" in a video message posted on social media.

Jackman used the band Nickleback's TikTok account to share his message -- which makes it even more hilarious.

"I really, really wanted to send out a positive message at the beginning of the year, but recent events have made that impossible," Jackman says in the video.

Jackman goes on to say that Reynolds receiving an Oscar for best song "would make the next year of my life insufferable."

We can't be sure, but we think Jackman is on Nickleback's account because throughout all the Deadpool skits, Ryan always says amazing things about Nickelback.


Good afternoon to you too, Hugh

♬ original sound - nickelback

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