This Sassy 2-Year-Old Runs A Backyard Diner And The Videos Are Hilarious

November 25, 2022

A 2-year-old named Willow is going viral for her adorable backyard diner videos.

Mom started filming her sassy daughter from behind her play kitchen and the videos have garnered millions of views on TikTok.

@saruh2themax I got put on a strict diet due to my audacity. #willowpenelope #willowsdiner #cute #funnytoddler ♬ No. Thats mines. - saruh2themax

The menu at Willow's Diner is very limited.

As you are about to see, Mom asks for a variety of foods and Willow says "no" every time.

@saruh2themax Replying to @auhmall.xo ♬ original sound - saruh2themax

You can follow Willow's Diner on TikTok at @saruh2themax.

@saruh2themax Today’s Special: Extra cooked muffin, blown up. #willowsdiner #willowpenelope ♬ original sound - saruh2themax

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