6-Year-Old Boy With Disabilities Puts On Backyard Metallica Concert

April 1, 2022

This 6-year-old kid is already a rock star. Despite his disabilities, he is living his best life.

"He was born premature and has to be fed 22 hours a day through the backpack he is wearing. Despite all of that he is the happiest and most amazing boy I've ever met," a family friend said about the video. According to him, little man was born with under developed intestines and only has the use of one vocal chord.

But he loves Metallica and playing guitar, so he performs backyard concerts for neighbors and family friends.

"I asked him for his autograph and he signed it 'James Hetfield' [the lead singer of Metallica]. He wouldnt let us in the backyard without a printed ticket."

"He is the most polite, full of love and amazing little boy I have had the pleasure of knowing. His passion is Metallica, he has learned to play along with their songs just by watching you tube videos."

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