These Parents Wrote A Song About Two Tragic Events... That Turned Into Something Beautiful

August 31, 2014

Nicole and Jeremy of Cape Town, South Africa are the proud parents of 5 children - 4 biological and 1 adopted son.

Four years ago Nicole was pregnant with twins. At 12 weeks, tragedy struck and she lost them through a traumatic miscarriage which nearly took her life in the process. As devastating as it was, the experience left Nicole and her husband changed in a rather profound way. A few months later, they got a call from a friend about this little boy that had been abandoned at birth, left under a tree in a field wrapped in his mother's jacket and hidden inside a plastic bag. This is not an unusual story in South Africa – thousands of babies are abandoned every year, but most of them sadly don't make it. It was a miracle he survived.

It stirred them so deeply that they had to go and find out more, which turned into love at first sight. After meeting him, they just knew that it was meant to be.

"He is now four years old and the most beautiful blessing to our family - we couldn't imagine life without him!"

Jeremy is a professional musician who often writes songs with his wife. This one is about their story: how two tragic stories turned into something so beautiful.

"The truth is that we can be each other's healing. If we are brave enough to reach out and be the solution for someone else in our own time of struggle, an amazing exchange takes place. In rescuing someone else, we ourselves were rescued!" ~ Nicole

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