Indian Diamond Merchant Gives New Cars and Homes To Over 1,200 Employees As A Performance Reward

November 2, 2014

A diamond merchant in India has given his employees cars, jewelry and homes worth $8 million as a reward for meeting their target.

Diamond ceo gives away cars
The company gave away the gifts at a special function

Harikrishna Exports chairman Savji Dholakia surprised his employees by asking them to choose from a car, home or jewelry as a performance incentive.

"All my dreams have come true through my workers," said Dholakia. "A target was set for the artisans and engineers and they achieved it. This is a big day for the entire Harikrishna family."

Dholakia has been rewarding his employees lavishly since 2012, when he gave away cars to three employees. Last year, he gifted cars to 72 employees.

This year, the company gave the gifts away at a special function where Dholakia delivered a heartwarming speech to his employees.

"This company is making profits because of you. If you are happy, then we will progress further. You should enjoy my profits."

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