College Receives $25 Million Donation From The Former Student They Helped Save

October 27, 2014

Howard Lutnick repaid an act of kindness with one of his own - a $25 million donation to his alma mater.

Howard Lutnick (left) with Haverford College president Daniel Weiss / Credit: Bob Williams,

Lutnick lost his mother to cancer in high school and lost his father one week into his freshman year at Haverford College - the result of a tragic medical mistake.

That's when he got the phone call from Robert B. Stevens, then president of Haverford: "Howard, your four years here are free."

Now, the 53 year-old chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald has become the school's largest donor with the recent announcement of a $25 million donation.

To Lutnick, his motivation was simple: Love.

"Haverford was there for me," he said, "and taught me what it meant to be a human being."

In total, Lutnick has given $65 million to the school over the last 25 years.


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