15 Year-Old Creates Brilliant Stop-Motion Short Films With His LEGO Collections

October 19, 2014

Morgan Spence is a 15 year-old from Kilbarchan, Scotland, with a passion for film. His impressive stop-motion short films using only LEGOS has gained over 2.5 million YouTube views.

15 year old lego videos
Morgan Spence / Morgspenny Productions

Morgan brings his LEGO creations to life using an animation technique called stop-motion - a sequence of photographs played very fast to form the illusion that an object or character is moving. It began as a 7th grade school project and has since become his passion.

Over the past couple of years, Morgan has created videos for the very famous DJ Paul Oakenfold, the British Red Cross, and LEGO artist Warren Elsmore.

Dance scene from Pulp Fiction / Morgspenny Productions

Morgan's latest film, Famous Film Scenes in Lego, might be his greatest to date. He re-created a handful of classic movie scenes, from The Sound Of Music to Pulp Fiction, and it already has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Watch it below and let us know what you think!

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