Loyal Cat Tracks Down Owner Weeks After She Was Sent To Live In A Nursing Home

October 13, 2014

In this remarkable tale of loyalty, a cat was able to track down her elderly owner weeks after she was sent to live in a nursing home.

cat finds owner in nursing home
Photo by Grant Melton

Cleo was adopted by Nancy Cowen as a stray over eight years ago. But when Cowen was sent to the care of staff at the Bramley House nursing home in Westcott, England, she was forced to say goodbye. Cleo was taken in by her neighbors.

Two weeks after Cowen moved into her new home, the staff began seeing a new, persistent kitty that they thought was just a stray begging for food.

"This cat just started turning up and sleeping on the benches outside the home. It was very strange," Bramley House employee Laura Costello said.

"One day Nancy said, 'Oh, she looks just like my cat, Cleo. But my Cleo had lost most of her tail.' So we checked, and the cat was missing most of her tail," added Thomas. "That's when we realized that it was Cleo.

There's no way she could have followed her, since it's quite a ways from where Nancy used to live before she came here."

No one is really sure how Cleo managed to find her owner, but the Bramley House has no plans on ending the happy reunion. Cleo has been invited to stay with Cowen full time, and she's hardly left her owner's side since.

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