Former Prisoner Donates Kidney To Save Woman's Life, Wants To Make Up For His Mistakes

October 12, 2014

A mother-of-two who made a desperate plea in her local newspaper for a kidney donor has undergone the life-saving transplant after a stranger answered her cry for help.

Photo: NEWSTEAM / The Telegraph

Former convict Wesley Joyce donated a kidney to Sally-Anne Grainger to make up for his past mistakes. Joyce spent four years in prison for an assault in 2004, but has since turned his life around.

"I have no words to describe my gratitude," Grainger told the BBC. "I'm just so overwhelmed that a stranger has come forward to donate his kidney. I didn't expect it to happen, it only happens in movies."

Joyce was one of ten who responded to her plea for help but the only one to be confirmed as a suitable tissue and blood group match.

"I looked at her story and it got to me a bit," said Joyce. "I looked at her children and I could not imagine the moms of my children not being there for them.

"I thought: 'I need to change my life a little bit', as I've not been a good boy all my life. I've done good things and bad things, but I thought, let's do good from now on."

Source: The Telegraph

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