Family starts million dollar business with photos

April 30, 2012

Don't let anyone tell you that the American dream does not exist! Just ask Jera and Brad Deal of Peoria, Illinois.

They started Sticks and Stones, a business that makes framed keepsakes created from photos of structures and random objects that resemble letters of the alphabet.

It might be a a section from a bridge, a building, or even random sticks laying on the ground. Each one is different.

The best part of the story is that it started by accident. It was a game they would play with their daughters whenever they were out. They would try and find things in nature that resembled letters. Brad began taking pictures of the letters they found for memories.

The idea happened accidentally when Brad and Jera wanted to give one of their daughter's teachers a special present that would always remind her of their daughter.  They put the pictures in a frame and spelled out the teachers last name.

The teacher was thrilled and after she showed all the other mothers, the demand began. That's when Brad decided this could be our big break.

It was more then they ever imagined. Watch the story below.



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