This Girl Was Born Without A Nose... And She's Absolutely Beautiful

July 16, 2014

Grainne and Nathan Evans daughter, Tessa, was born without a nose. But after reading medical advice recommending that parents terminate pregnancies for children with their daughter's condition, they decided to go public with their story - to give hope to other people facing similar struggles.

girl born without nose
Credit: Caters News

Tessa was born with arhinia, a condition so rare that only 47 cases have ever been recorded. But one of the family's greatest obstacles has had nothing to do with Tessa's physical condition. They've felt distraught about the lack of accurate information available.

Early on, the couple read a disheartening journal published by a surgeon about babies born with arhinia. It said, "these babies have poor mental and physical abilities and it's best to terminate the pregnancy," Grainne told the Telegraph. "That statement is false on so many levels."

"Ever since we got her home she's grown every day, smiled more and the more she shines the more her differences fade into the background," her mother said.

Tessa is slated to have a first-of-its kind surgery where doctors will give her a nose mold. The artificial nose will be replaced every few years as she continues to grow.

"It has been an unbelievable and at times heartbreaking year for us watching our tiny baby go through this and knowing that it is really only the beginning of her story," Tessa's parents wrote on their fundraising page. "She has overcome so much already. As she has grown, our brave, baby girl has shown us how extraordinary she really is. She … has surpassed [everyone's] expectations by meeting every milestone and stealing the hearts of everyone she meets."

Watch Tessa's heartwarming video below:

Sources: Huff Post, Buzzfeed

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