15 year old hero risks her life to save her horses in huge fire

April 20, 2012

15 year old Madison Wallraf saw a fire erupt in a horse stable and was able to save and rescue 25 of them by running through the flames and smoke.

After seeing the fire, she immediately told her step-father who called 911 and demanded that Madison not enter the stable under any circumstances.

Under her own instict, Madison went in and out of the stable over a dozen times to save the horses, guiding them out 2 at a time to safety.

She was even kicked in the shoulder and knocked down a few times but that wasn't stopping her.

The fire continued to get worse and worse as smoke began to cover the entire ground up to 3 feet high.

"It was fast. It was like there was no time at all," she told the Herald. "It ate through that barn like it was nothing."

She was upset that she could not save them all. When her grandmother was asked about Madison's heroism, she was not surprised one bit.

"That's just her and her love for animals".

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