10 Year-Old Genius Graduates From High School, Plans To Cure Cancer

June 13, 2014

10 year-old Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school this week with a 4.0 GPA and a Mensa membership (a society for people with high IQs).

Tanishq Abraham

"I sensed there was something different about Tanishq when he was 6 months old because he became very interested in clocks and numbers — he started counting and could point out numbers when he saw them in books," Tanishq's mother, veterinarian Taji Abraham, tells Yahoo Shine. "He would also stare very intently at photos and ask so many questions. I always wondered, 'Why is he so curious?'"

Tanishq Abraham

By the time Tanishq was 2, he was adding and subtracting numbers. "I told my husband that Tanishq was very smart, but he said I was just a proud mom," she says.

By the time Tanishq turned 6, he was "pestering" his mother to take paleontology college classes.

Now he plans to attend Harvard, MIT, or Cornell. After that, he wants to enroll in medical school and then research a cure for cancer -- a goal he's had since he was 4.

It's hard to imagine he won't reach it with values like these:

Via Yahoo! News

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