Photographer Captures Mystery Beach Proposal... Uses Facebook To Save The Day

June 9, 2014

Photographer Heather Swanner had just finished up a session on a beach in Seaside, Florida, when she noticed a man had just dropped to one knee...

beach proposal couple facebook
Credit: Heather Swanner

Heather shot a few photos of what was unfolding before noticing the couple's family hiding in the bushes with their own cameras, so she stopped and carried on.

"Now, as I am going through the proofs, I wish I'd gotten their contact info so that I could send them the pictures," Swanner wrote on her facebook page a few days later. "If you happen to know this couple (they got engaged in Seaside, FL last Friday night), please pass my info along to them so that I can send them their pictures!"

beach proposal couple facebook
Credit: Heather Swanner

It's a good thing she did that.

Swanner's post quickly spread reaching the family of the newly engaged couple, Lindsey Crouch and Tae Cho of Knoxville, Tennessee.

"I can't believe you captured this!! My family was hiding but was too far away to get good pictures!!!!!! I am literally in tears seeing the most beautiful and special moment of my life caught so beautifully on camera!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! I am so blessed!!!!!!!"

beach proposal couple facebook
Lindsey Crouch / Facebook

Her mother was so thankful too:

"Heather, I am the mom of the bride, the one hiding in the sand dunes! I had thought to get your contact info as I saw you shooting the proposal, but in the excitement forgot to ask you. . . YAY! for social media and kind-hearted photographers who are always prepared! These are the best pictures of their special moment as we were too far away, trying to be inconspicuous! So thankful for you!"

Via Yahoo! News

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