Baseball Player buys opposing fans pizza

April 17, 2012

It's not every day you go to a Major League Baseball game and have the opposing team's player deliver pizzas to you in the stands. Crazy, right?

That is exactly what happened in Oakland. The Kansas City Royals' Jeff Francoeur ordered pizza and had them delivered during the first inning of the game.

Francoeur plays right field, so he is very close to the first section of fans behind him. He can hear them talking and cheering every game.

"Baseball is fun," he said. "We can take it too serious sometimes. This is something more than just baseball. The (fans in that) right-field section are here every game. They cheer for every (Oakland player). They are diehards. I just enjoy them out there."

The group call themselves the "Bacon Tuesdays". Every Tuesday they devour various bacon related dishes. They responded to Francoeur's kind gesture by making him his own "Bacon Tuesday" t-shirt.

This relationship first started when Francoeur tossed the fans a baseball with a $100 dollar bill attached to it with a message that said to get some beer to go along with the bacon.

It's not often you hear a story like this in sports, so tip your hats to Jeff Francoeur.

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