Teens On Facebook End A Mother's Worst Nightmare

May 28, 2014

When I think about teens and social media, I immediately begin to tally up the negatives. What good could possibly come from teens spending loads of time on online networks, posting nonstop "selfies," and often communicating with people they don't even know?

And then you hear a story like this...

Victoria' with her mother, Mélissa McMahon / Facebook

A one day-old baby is back with her family thanks to four friends who went hunting for the baby after they saw a Facebook alert about her abduction last night from a hospital.

Police said the woman took the baby from the mother, Melissa McMahon, and left the room with the newborn wrapped in a blue blanket. She was wearing a nurse's uniform and went undetected.

The baby was found three hours later after four young adults learned of the abduction through Facebook. Police had shared a photo on social networks of the woman police were seeking.

Mathieu Papillon/Radio-Canada

The four say they went looking for the vehicle of the woman at the centre of the hunt, and found one that fit the description — then called police.

"We saw [the alert] on Facebook, and decided to go looking for red cars, and we saw the woman. We recognized her," said Mélizanne Bergeron​.

Police arrested the 21-year-old woman at her home, found baby Victoria, and returned her to the hospital.

Baby Victoria was reunited with her family.

"Thousands of people shared the photo of the woman on social networks," McMahon wrote. "Know that this is what has saved our little Victoria. Each click, each share made ​​the difference. Four wonderful people, who we had the chance to meet, identified the woman through Facebook."

Source: CBC News

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