The Entire History Of Western Civilization From Ancient Greece To Today Has Occurred While This Axe Has Existed

May 5, 2014

This is the ceremonial axe of King Ahmes and is roughly 3600 years old.

egyptian axe 3600 years old

Ahmes was the establisher of 18th Dynasty and the conqueror of the Hyksos. He was the son of Queen Ahhotep and the brother of Kames who played a great important role in the war of liberation.

This gold ceremonial axe was discovered among the treasures in the Tomb of Ahmes in Dra Abu El Naga. It is funerary object that was not used in the life of the pharaoh. It is admired for the gilded cedar wood handle and its copper blade. One of the sides of the blade is adorned with some scenes for Heh, god of infinite space, Nekhbet, vulture goddess and the guardian of Upper and Lower Egypt, and other deities who are supposed to protect the pharaoh. The other side of the plade depicts the pharaoh tormenting one of his enemies as a symbol for sovereign power, topped with some cartouches with the names and titles of Ahmes, and another depiction of a winged sphinx representing the pharaoh him.

Sources: Reddit, Egyptopia

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