Basset Hound calls police to save his own life

April 10, 2012

An incredible story that we might believe to be luck, or may have been doggy genius.

George, a 2 year old basset hound, was left home alone one night while his owner was working the evening shift at a local restaurant.

Police received a phone call which sounded like someone was choking to death. They immediately rushed to action thinking that someone was very ill, or in an emergency.

As officers rushed to the house trying to get in, a neighbor let them in with his emergency key.

They stormed the house searching all of the rooms for a person in need only to find poor George on the floor tangled up in the telephone chord. He was strangling himself by accident.

The police ripped the chord off of him and were able to set him free. They laughed after figuring out what actually happened.

Apparently after playing with the chord, George managed to strangle himself. In panic, he began pawing at anything in sight which happened to be the telephone.  After it connected to the police, they were able to rush to the house thinking someone was in trouble.

A miracle, or pure genius? We may never know, but it makes for an amazing feel good story!

Read the full article at: TheSun

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