80 year old woman lands plane after pilot goes unconscious

April 9, 2012

80 year old Helen Collins was forced to land a plane herself at a Wisconsin aiport after her husband, who was piloting the plane, went unconscious.

The plane was a small twin engine Cessna, and she had no experience ever landing one. After her husband had passed out, she immediately got on the radio and called for help. Helen was able to get help from Keith Kasbohm who talked her through the landing process.

Kasbohm claimed she was very calm and collective during this emergency, and life threatening event. To add more drama to the situation, the plane was very low on fuel.

It wasn't the cleanest landing, but she landed it with no injuries. The plane hit hard once and skidded about 1,000 feet before coming to a complete stop.

An amazing feel good story!

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