It's not a dog that is man's best friend this time around

April 5, 2012

Who said that a dog has to be a man's best friend? In this loveable tale, a duck breeder named Barrie Hayman shows us that a duck can also be your loyal companion.

Barrie Hayman is a duck breeder, but has never had this happen before.  He noticed that when this particular duck hatched, he was shunned by all his siblings. Barry decided to take it on his own to raise Star himself and then the bond began.

Star follows him to the local supermarket, sits next to him at the pub for a beer, and even goes on car rides. It might be one of the coolest, most precious things you will ever see.

The pair are inseperable and sure get a lot of attention. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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