Guardian Angels? Couple Moving Mattress Out Of Apartment Catches Toddler in 3-Story Fall

March 21, 2014

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ABC 7 News / KGO-TV

If Konrad and Jennifer Lightner had not been stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes earlier in the day, they would not have been there at the right moment to rescue a child who fell from a third-story window.

The Lightners were moving out of their apartment in Burbank and at this particular time, carrying the box spring mattress to their bed.

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ABC 7 News / KGO-TV

They saw a toddler dangling from something like a television cable and placed the mattress under the window just before he fell.

Konrad was able to break the child's fall onto the mattress instead of the pavement. Paramedics who were called to the scene said it saved the boy's life.

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ABC 7 News / KGO-TV

"It was very surreal afterwards. We were just moving the rest of day and every once in a while we'd look at each other and just be like, 'That happened. That was real,'" said Jennifer.

Source: ABC 7 News / KGO-TV

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