3 Year-Old Saves Pregnant Mother's Life. How She Did It Was A Miracle

March 16, 2014

This 3 year-old girl is responsible for saving her pregnant mother's life after she fell off the couch unconscious.

little girl saves pregnant mom
Aryanna with her mother / Boston Globe

Doctors believe she suffered a seizure brought on by severe dehydration. But Aryanna knew something was wrong and sprang into action. With no land line in the house, Aryanna had to use her mother's cell phone to call for help. The miracle? Aryanna did not know her mother's password to her locked phone.

Yet somehow she unlocked the phone, got to the phone book and found her mother's cousin Kristine Munnis' photo that was linked to her phone number.

"Auntie, call me. Mommy's not waking up. I need you," was the message Aryanna left on Munnis' phone. Munnis got the message, called 911 and returned Aryanna's call. Dressed up as Snow White, the little girl unbolted the door to let paramedics inside, staying calm and minding her baby sister all the while.

3 year old saves pregnant mom
Boston Globe

The Weymouth police station honored Aryanna with a plaque along with a scholarship from a preschool and a basket of toys.

"Your quick response and undeniable concern for your mother's well-being has made an everlasting impression on many of us," Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes read out. "Weymouth is proud of you for being an outstanding citizen, and commends you for your bravery."

Source: Boston Globe

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