12-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Hero During School Field Trip

June 25, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Burrillville, Rhode Island.

A routine school field trip turned into a heroic rescue when 12-year-old Alex Dupuis leapt into action to save a struggling classmate. The quick-thinking seventh-grader didn't hesitate when he noticed a peer fighting to keep his head above water at Spring Lake Beach during the school's annual trip.

bou saves classmate drowning school trip
Alex Dupuis / WPRI

"I was just thinking, 'I've got to help him,'" Dupuis recounted to NRI NOW. The young hero was on the shore, enjoying the day with friends, when he saw the boy in distress near the buoys. Without a second thought, Dupuis sprang into the water to offer his assistance.

"I saw he was in distress and I jumped in," he said. Upon reaching the panicked swimmer, the classmate clung to Dupuis, causing a brief but alarming moment.

"I went underwater, but I was able to get up," Dupuis explained, demonstrating both his courage and presence of mind in the situation.

Using his own strength and determination, Dupuis held his classmate by the shoulders and managed to tread water until lifeguards could arrive. The lifeguards took over and ensured both boys were safely brought back to shore.

In a display of humility, Dupuis didn't mention the incident to his parents. It was only when school officials contacted his mother, Lisa Beausoleil, 24 hours later that his parents learned of their son's bravery.

"The school contacted me 24 hours later to commend him for his quick and selfless actions," Beausoleil shared. "Both of us – his parents – are full-time EMT/firefighters, so we are overwhelmed with emotions and excitement."

Watch the news video below.

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