Taekwondo Family Saves Woman From Assault

June 20, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Harris County, Texas.

In a remarkable display of courage and quick thinking, the An family, renowned taekwondo instructors and owners of the Yong-In Taekwondo dojo, saved a woman from a harrowing assault.

family rescues woman
Credit: @SheriffEd_HCSO on X

The An family, consisting of five members each holding a fourth-degree black belt, were at their dojo when they heard screams from a nearby business. Initially dismissing the sounds as playful banter, they sprang into action after a particularly piercing scream indicated something was gravely wrong.

Upon reaching the neighboring business, they found a man attempting to sexually assault a woman. The An family swiftly intervened, pulling the victim away from her attacker. The assailant then turned his aggression towards the family, but he was no match for the skilled martial artists.

The father, a taekwondo grandmaster, pinned the attacker to the ground, holding him there for a tense ten minutes until police arrived.

"My dad is strong. He expected us to protect him," said Simon An. "He had a lot of trust in us."

The Harris County Sheriff's Department has praised the An family for their bravery.

"Thank you to the Yong-In dojo for your quick action in protecting others," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

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