Police Officer Makes Child's Day With Simple Act Of Kindness

June 19, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Memphis, Tennessee.

In a heartwarming act of kindness, a Memphis police officer went above and beyond his duty to ensure a young boy could continue pursuing his passion for football.

police good news memphis
Michael Pointer and Kamarri

Officer Michael Pointer recently met 10-year-old Kamarri Brooks while on detail at the Westwood Community Center. A few days later, Pointer encountered Kamarri again, dressed in his Lil Longhorns uniform, hours ahead of practice. During their conversation, Pointer discovered that the young athlete didn't own a pair of football cleats.

"He said he had no cleats but all his friends do," Pointer recalled.

Touched by Kamarri's situation, Pointer decided to take action. He purchased a brand-new pair of cleats and socks and personally delivered them to Kamarri's home.

Carissa Brooks, Kamarri’s mother, expressed her gratitude for the officer's generosity.

"Officer Pointer was very sweet and helpful for what he did for my son, considering the fact I am a single parent," she said.

Kamarri has been playing football for three years and is known for his dedication, often arriving an hour early for every practice.

This small but significant gesture by Officer Pointer not only provided Kamarri with the equipment he needed but also highlighted the positive impact that community members can have on one another.

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