A Single Mom's Life Is Transformed By Her Boss's Kindness

May 18, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Norfolk, Virginia.

A single mom's life took a turn for the better thanks to a heartfelt gesture from her employer.

On Wednesday, a business owner gifted her employee a new vehicle after discovering she didn't have one.

woman buys car for employee
Brettne and Latavia / Credit: 13 News Now

Brettne Brownson, an employee at Homebridge Health Care Agency in Norfolk, was surprised by CEO Latavia Bennette with an SUV. Bennette learned that Brownson, a single mother, had been relying on Uber, Lyft, and even walking to get to work.

Feeling compelled to help, Bennette quickly arranged to purchase the vehicle and presented it to Brownson at the office. Bennette praised Brownson's dedication and positive attitude, noting she always showed up to work without making excuses.

Bennette shared with 13News Now that her own experiences of feeling unsupported in her career motivated her to create a nurturing environment for her employees. "I had moments where I didn't feel valued where I was at, so when I opened up my company, that was something that was very important to me," she explained.

Watch the video below.

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