Missing Dog Spotted On Trail Cam Nearly 1 Year After Avalanche Separated Him From Owner

February 26, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Marble, Colorado.

In a heartwarming turn of events, a trail camera in Colorado has captured the incredible journey of a missing dog named Ullr, who managed to survive 11 months alone in the wilderness following a tragic avalanche that separated him from his owner.

missing dog found avalanche
Jacob Dalbey and Ullr

Jacob Dalbey, Ullr's owner, received the long-awaited confirmation of his beloved Border Collie Rottweiler mix's survival through photos captured on Saturday and Sunday by a trail camera set up by a team of canine tracking experts he had employed. Dalbey expressed his overwhelming joy and gratitude on a GoFundMe page where he shared the remarkable news.

"After 341 days, 11 months to the day of setting up trail cameras/food and moving them around in hopes of luring Ullr into one to finally get confirmation of what I have known all along, it has happened," Dalbey shared with the online community.

"To all of you, friends and supporters of Ullr (and me), I want to thank you so much. Knowing you believe in us really means a lot, even when I don't say it. It has been extremely difficult to say the least. Your support has made it possible to keep searching for Ullr over the last 11+ months," he added.

The GoFundMe page, launched by a friend, Deborah Wieker, explained that Dalbey, currently unable to work due to injuries sustained during the avalanche, faces a significant financial burden with unplanned medical bills. The funds raised will help cover the expenses of the tracker that played a crucial role in Ullr's discovery.

missing dog good news

The separation between Dalbey and Ullr occurred on March 17, 2023, when they were caught in an avalanche near Chair Mountain while backcountry skiing with friends.

Despite being seriously injured and hospitalized, Dalbey displayed incredible resilience, recounting, "I was carried 2,500 feet and fully buried with my right arm sticking out of the snow. I was able to clear my airway immediately and then in the process dig myself out over three-plus hours with a broken hand and frostbit fingers."

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