'Mr. Moe Is My Hero': Middle School Custodian Saves Student's Life

February 16, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Tampa, Florida.

In the bustling lunchroom of Mulrennan Middle School, an ordinary day took a heart-pounding turn when seventh-grader Xzavier Wilson found himself in a frightening situation. What began as an innocent lunchtime snack turned into a life-threatening emergency when Wilson choked on a Taki, a moment that could have ended tragically if not for the quick thinking and heroic actions of custodian Mohammad "Moe" Hammad.

hero custodian
Credit: Hillsborough County Public Schools / Facebook

As Wilson struggled to breathe, his distress caught the attention of Mr. Moe, who sprang into action without hesitation. Recognizing the unusual behavior, he swiftly approached Wilson.

Mr. Moe performed the Heimlich maneuver on Wilson. After three tense attempts, Mr. Moe's efforts paid off as the Taki dislodged from Wilson's throat, allowing him to breathe freely once again.

Principal Tamara Brooks spoke fondly of Mr. Moe, emphasizing his humility and dedication to the students beyond his job description.

"He is the most humble person you could ever meet," Principal Brooks remarked. "He does a lot of things that go beyond his job description because he loves the students here at this school."

For Wilson, Mr. Moe's actions transformed him from a custodian into a true hero. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Wilson expressed his sentiments simply yet powerfully.

"Mr. Moe is my hero," Wilson said. "He saved my life."

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