Kentucky Middle School Employees Win Lottery, Hide Ticket In Math Textbook

February 5, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Boone County, Kentucky.

A close-knit group of 30 current and former employees from Rector A. Jones Middle School in Florence, known as the "Jones 30," are celebrating a big victory after winning the $1 million Powerball prize.

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Credit: Kentucky Lottery

The educators, ranging from retired math teachers to administrators and special education instructors, carpooled to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters on Tuesday, Jan. 30. Bursting into the lobby with cheers, they proudly presented their winning ticket, securely tucked away in a math textbook, purchased from a Hebron Kroger.

The group's organizer, a retired math teacher, discovered the winning ticket the day after the January 27 Powerball drawing. With five matching white balls but missing the Powerball number, she cleverly hid the ticket in a math textbook, playfully noting, "No one looks in a math book. I knew it would be safe there."

In 2019, the Jones 30 chose a set of permanent Powerball numbers drawn by their math teacher and assistant principal, creating a unique tradition that ultimately led to their victory.

Each winner received an individual prize of $24,000 after taxes.

Some members of the group plan to invest the money while others plan to use the funds for travel or home repairs.

"A lot of us have gone on trips together, we've had babies and grandbabies over the years," one winner shared. "We always have so much fun. It's just cool to win as a group and share this experience."

The group said they would continue their tradition of playing the Kentucky Lottery as another fun way to stay in touch.

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